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  • Leominster In Bloom “It’s Your Neighbourhood” report
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    This year the allotments took part in Leominster In Bloom “It’s Your Neighbourhood” category. The two assessors were taken for a tour around the allotment site by members of the Leominster Allotment Association committee. A portfolio was compiled to outline ways in which the assessment criteria had been met and there were lots of questions and discussion with the assessors.
    L.A.A would welcome feedback from plot holders who have had the opportunity to read this report.
  • Security Marking sessions reminder – Saturday 23rd October

    West Mercia Police will be available on Saturday October 23rd from 1p.m. until 3p.m. at the allotment site for a security marking session.

  • Kings Seed Catalogues

    These will soon be distributed to members of the Allotment Association.
    Unfortunately, some members may not receive their catalogue because the LAA Committee does not have your details.  Should this be the case then please contact the Town Council and hand in your membership form to rectify this matter.  They will then pass on your plot number and enable us to drop off your catalogue.
  • Notice to all allotment holders from Treasurer Glenys Millard

    If you have paid your dues to the Leominster Allotment Association, can you please email Glenys Millard with your name and allotment number:  glenystyler@aol.com
    The insurance and the National Allotment Association fees we pay are based on the number of members and we only have 17 forms but payment received from 73 members.
    I have to send updated lists of members each time we renew so would be grateful if you could let me know who you all are!  This is my final job as Treasurer and Hilary Tuite will take over from me in the coming weeks.  Good Luck Hilary!

Proposed meetings and future events – subject to Covid 19 situation

  • Meeting – Wednesday 3rd November

Committee Members for 2021 – 22 – elected 7th July 2021, at the AGM

    • Kay West (Chair)
    • Samantha Shakespeare (Minutes)
    • Glenys Millard (Treasurer and Membership Secretary)
    • John Braithwaite (Seed order Co-ordinator with support from Jane Lacey)
    • Graham Millard (committee member)